Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weekly Menu

Every Friday I make a menu for the next week. This way I know what groceries I am going to need. I can check my list against the items I already have in my pantry and in my basement (I have a set of shelves I have dedicated to stockpiling items I find on sale). This way I am not wasting gas running to the store because I just decided what I'm making for dinner.

There are a lot of templates around the web that you can find. I use this ONE. At the bottom of the page click on "printable version." This will allow you to print the menu on a full page. I print out several at a time so I will have one when I need it.

Try making a weekly menu for next week, I promise you will save both time and lots of precious pennies!

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Anonymous said...

i have loved for years! they are great for getting your household binder in order!