Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Disney Deals and Steals - Day 2

Food and Dining

Once you enter the Disney Park and Resort area, you know that you are no longer going to be paying normal prices for food until you leave. So, to get around the OUTRAGEOUS food prices you need to prepare before you arrive.

First, if you are staying at a Disney resort, the dining plan is a must. If you get the basic plan, you are able to receive a snack (pop, popcorn, ice cream, or fruit), a quick-service meal (combo and a dessert), and a table-service meal (entree, drink, and dessert) for each night you stay at Disney. With the table service meal, you are able to eat at sit-down restaurants or at the character buffets. Remember that you need to make reservations prior to travelling in order to get into these restaurants. Disney will run package specials throughout the year that includes the dining plan. You will have to budget for tips though, because they are not included. At table-service restaurants, the tip for a family of four will run around $22.

Remember to take a water bottle with you to the parks and then fill it up at the water fountain. I do not like the taste of the tap water in Florida (but you might), so I take a flavored drink packet to pour into the water. Drinks (bottled water, coke, sprite) are $2.50 at the parks and at the resort.

I saw a lot of families eating sandwiches at the park, so if you have a way to carry these items around park, this is a great idea was well.

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